Cleaning with CHC

Cleaning with chlorinated hydrocarbon (CHC)

As an unpolar solvent, CHCs have exceptional solubility for equally unpolar oils and weakly polar greases. The cleaning program may include a range of components: ultrasound, flushing, surge flushing and steam degreasing followed by vacuum drying are all possible. Separate DHD process control makes it possible to clean with elimination of all oil and even metallic partides smaller than 200 µm.

Advantages of cleaning with CHCs

  • Exceptional degreasing effect
  • Parts dry quickly
  • Low solvent consumption due to complete vacuum
  • Fine and super-fine cleaning for more complex geometries

After cleaning, all parts are placed in a laminar flow workbench to prevent recontamination.

Reinigung mit Chlorkohlenwasserstoff (CKW)  Reinigung mit Chlorkohlenwasserstoff (CKW)


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